How to rescue the County Championship from disappearing into mediocrity

The County Championship is slowly dying a death in in this era. The County game has suffered from there now being a preponderance of International cricket. Touring teams play a couple of warm up matches rather than staying for the whole summer playing Tests and playing competitive matches against all the Counties, which in turn can create interest in the County game. So much International cricket has also meant that there are few overseas 'stars' that the general public has ever heard of - compare the days of Viv Richards; Brian Lara and others. The Ashes debacle has, inevitably, started people thinking about how we better prepare cricketers for first-class cricket. Last month, Mark Arthur, the chief executive of Yorkshire, and Martyn Moxon, the county’s director of cricket and former opening batsman, suggested a three-division conference system to replace the existing two-division format. The workings seem to require a degree in either mathematic or philosophy, so bear with me. Taking 2017 as the base, the teams who finished first, second and third would lead the three conferences (A, B and C), with the fourth, fifth and sixth going into each next, finishing with the 16th, 17th and 18th. Each side would play the other at home and away. Finally, it seems that one day (50 Overs) domestic cricket which come 2020 will become very much the poor relation as far as the Counties are concerned, will simply fade away.